Vector To The Heavens

Also I’d like to point out just how much Nintendo likes to pretend Twilight Princess never happened like they literally never ever talk about it

Like yeah Smash Bros uses the TP designs but that’s really only because they’re basically better-looking versions of the OOT designs which were used in SSB1/Melee, and yeah Midna’s an assist trophy this time around and Eldin Bridge was a stage in Brawl but Smash Bros has so much weird obscure shit in it that there’s no way they could’ve gotten away with not having any TP stuff, especially in Brawl since TP was relatively recent when Brawl came out

And like even if it does come up there is NEVER any mention of Link turning into a wolf or Zant’s crazy ass or any of that

It took an entirely different company developing a LoZ game to get any real TP love, and meanwhile Skyward Sword and Wind Waker are all over the goddamn place

I would literally empty my bank account if it meant I got DLC true form Midna in Hyrule Warriors

please Nintendo I need this