Vector To The Heavens


okay thanks, i think i know what youre talking about. so, after i beat the game i go back to the keyblade graveyard and hes there?

Yeah, just make sure you beat the Final Episode (which also involves a boss who heals himself but he’s not as bad), beating just the 3 campaigns by themselves isn’t enough

And goooooooooooooooood luck


MY anaconda certainly wasn’t dope after that video with nicki.

???! what? who are you?!

admit it, you weren’t just interested in her personality….you lusted after her. you were attracted to her body! your innocuous purity had almost dissipated after your time with her! 

no! that’s not true!! her personality was all i saw as she posed in front of that chair! i never meant anything more than that!

tch, lying through your teeth will get you nowhere! you’re me! and obviously i’m you. the desire coursing through your veins….i felt it all! and i loved it!

no! stop it! you’re…….not me!

[battle music intensifies]

i am a shadow….your true self. now, why don’t you show everyone how lewd you truly are?