Vector To The Heavens

You have my respect, I don’t dare to do anything tougher than normal mode Good luck with you exams! Thunder Surge would be good too, I guess, but yeah it wouldn’t deal as much damage.

Thanks!! And actually, I just googled it, and even though I thought Thunder/Fire Surge do more or less the same amount of damage, turns out Thunder Surge does more! So I’ll have to switch to that in the future

I would like to see beat the Mysterious Figure :) I love Terra, but he’s so slow with dodging isn’t he? XD

That is probably the understatement of the year- Terra is just so SLOW that it’s practically impossible to keep away from MF, and since 2 hits = dead with MF (I’m playing on Critical) that fight is a nightmare through and through

I’ll see what I can do about streaming though! (once I get through exams that is x_x)

So I know I haven’t made any gifs in a while but that’s gonna change soon! My finals for summer school are over on Wednesday so I’m finally free after that (hallelujah)

I’m thinking of either going back to the boss music gifsets or doing some KH2 boss desperation moves (if you aren’t familiar with the term, think Xaldin’s move where he fires a laser across the whole bridge or Xigbar’s “let’s see how you dance”). I might do some BBS combat/boss fight gifs- the only real reason I haven’t done more in the past is because there are no PSP Action Replay, meaning there’s no code to remove the UI like there is in KH2 (and I prefer no UI for gifs of combat). But I’m totally open to requests too! I usually gif KH2FM and BBS, but with a little extra effort I can gif KH1, Re:COM, or even Days (the actual DS game, not the movie in 1.5, although I suppose I could gif the movie too), although why someone would want gifs of original Days is beyond me. Or, alternatively, if you have something you want to gif but can’t find good footage of I can capture footage for you! But yeah, if you have something in mind, shoot me an ask and I’ll get on it (after Wednesday, that is)!

I’m also thinking about maybe doing some livestreaming? I’ve always wanted to beat Mysterious Figure in BBS with all 3 characters and I’ve only ever managed to do it with Ven, so I might livestream my attempts so you can laugh at my struggles (especially with Terra, good lord). If I actually start doing this I’ll say so outside of this wall of rambling text

So yeah with that said, I’m going to bed